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Let’s Talk About The Sex

We know that talking to your beloved pet about the S-E-X can be difficult. That’s why we’re making it easy for you. Just read our book, “How to Talk to the Cats and Dogs About the Birds and the Bees,” and you’ll learn how to teach your anipals the virtues of being virtuous. Look for it on Amazon today... well, actually don’t.

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Help HelpJoey.

A few weeks ago, we asked everyone to help us build awareness for our mission to end animal overpopulation by tweeting or updating your facebook status with “#stopchasingtail.” This week, we’d like our fellow pet purity patriots to do something similar. Except now, we want to know how you are helping Joey with his quest to end animal overpopulation. Same kind of deal as before – mad libs for the web. Update your FB status with “I @HelpJoey by…” And then you fill in the blank. Then to be eligible for the prize, repost on our wall.

Here are some examples.

“I @HelpJoey by telling all my friends about spay and neuter.”

“I @HelpJoey by bringing him pizza when he’s on stakeouts.”

“I @HelpJoey by talking to my cat about abstinence.”

“I @HelpJoey by not letting my dog watch Cinemax because I don’t want him to get any ideas.”

They can be as outlandish or as based in reality as you want them to be. Actually the more ridiculous, probably the better. The person with the most Facebook likes on our wall wins a HelpJoey t-shirt, so they can show everyone that they’re indeed helping Joey.  Good luck. Have fun. Be creative. End animal overpopulation.

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At, we’re trying to do everything we can to stop dog-on-dog and cat-on-cat action. But dog-on-Humpable or cat-on-Humpable lovin’, we’re totally ok with. There has never, ever been a case of a Humpable getting pregnant.

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